Difference Between Tufted Carpet And Needle Punched Carpet

Tufted rugs and needlepunched rugs are both types of rugs, but they differ in how they are made and in their texture.

Tufted Carpet

Tufted carpet is a kind of high-end handmade carpet, which is woven with slender bed sheet fabric or fine pile inlaid fabric with long hair, rich pile, delicate softness and high gloss. The commonly used materials such as flannel, polar fleece, and fine velvet are soft and comfortable, rich in touch, and the effect is very good, especially suitable for home decoration.

Tufted Carpet

Needle Punched Carpet

Needle-punched carpet is a kind of carpet with relatively simple production process. Fibers of different colors are used to interweave the fibers through machine extrusion and kneading, and are fixed by a special acupuncture method. It has certain anti-slip properties and is suitable for It is used in places with heavy load and frequent use, such as public places and commercial places.

Needle Punched Carpet


In terms of function and form, tufted carpets are more suitable for home use. Because of its soft, comfortable, luxurious appearance, touch and good warmth retention, people can enjoy a more comfortable living environment at home. The needle-punched carpet has advantages in terms of environmental protection, durability, and anti-skid, and is more suitable for public places and commercial places.

Trade Show Carpet

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