Does the carpet material determine the value of the carpet?


Many years ago, most of the floors in the homes were cement floors or floor tiles (for people with good living conditions). Later, the floors in most homes were replaced by wooden floors and medium-to-high-end tiles, which symbolized the improvement of living conditions. Recently, the floor of some families has been replaced with various styles of carpets (such as living room carpets, bedroom carpets).

The replacement of various floor materials shows the improvement of people’s life taste and quality, and also shows that more and more people know how to enjoy life and create different feelings and experiences for their living environment. Here, household carpet is actually a very A good choice, household rugs can not only create a warm and warm feeling for the family, but also bring a clean, tidy and comfortable home environment. So let’s introduce the types of carpets and carpet materials for household carpets for your reference:

Carpet Types

The types and prices of carpets are different. There are many types of carpets that can be selected according to needs. There are also many choices in the patterns and crafts of carpets. So let’s classify them according to the material of the carpets:

(l) Pure wool handmade carpets.

Wool handmade carpets mainly use various sheep wool as raw materials, which can be roughly divided into imported wool and domestic wool. Thick and powerful, and with good coloring, it is recognized as the highest quality raw material for carpet production in the world. However, the price of pure wool handmade carpets is also very expensive, and the production cycle of carpets is also very long, but the quality and quality are all high-quality carpet products. Generally favored by high-end custom customers.

Pure wool handmade carpets

(2) Blended weaving carpet.

Which is a carpet made of wool fiber and various synthetic fibers. For example: Axminster carpet is a typical blended woven carpet. 80% New Zealand wool and 20% nylon are used as the production materials of the carpet. Because the blended carpet is mixed with synthetic fibers, the price is cheaper than handmade carpets, and the production efficiency is high. Generally, most of them are used as commercial carpets, with good performance and quality.

Blended weaving carpet

(3) Chemical fiber machine-made carpets.

Mainly including: polypropylene chemical fiber carpets, polypropylene chemical fiber carpets, eyelon chemical fiber carpets, nylon carpets, etc. It is a carpet made by using advanced carpet production equipment to make synthetic fibers into the carpet surface layer, and then bonded with linen and PP bottom layer. This kind of carpet has good wear resistance and long service life, and is easy to take care of and clean. The price of carpets is relatively low according to different materials. It can be regarded as the most cost-effective product in carpet products, and it is also the carpet product mainly produced and sold by most carpet manufacturers. The sales volume and market demand of chemical fiber machine-made carpets are also the largest.

Chemical fiber machine-made carpets

There are many types of carpets. To put it simply, the above types of carpets are classified according to their materials. Pure wool handmade carpets are the most expensive, and are suitable for high-end places and private orders. Chemical fiber machine-made carpets are the cheapest and are suitable for use in more public places and environments. But what kind of carpet to choose depends on the needs of consumers.

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