How much does office carpet cost? What are the benefits of office carpet?

In the past, almost all offices were tiled, but nowadays in some large offices are paved with carpets, because the carpet can keep the office environment hygiene, but also can improve the office class, so especially many companies will choose to use the carpet to decorate. The following I will introduce how much the office carpet and the benefits of office carpet.

A, how much does the office carpet cost

1, the entire store office carpet, usually choose gray and other dark colors and other imposing colors, choose the carpet pattern width is 4m, the length is 25m to 40m whole carpet, the price of this carpet is relatively cheap, usually in 26 pieces a square meter or so, suitable for the use of the office floor in this era. You can also pick more expensive office carpet according to the demand, the price is usually 30 yuan to 50 yuan, the density of this office carpet is relatively large, while individual office carpet will have patterns in the production, can enhance the beautiful and durable visual, but the characteristics of this office carpet is pile height is usually in 8cm to 12cm, the daily playing will be more troublesome.

2, square splicing office carpet tiles, is the global prevalence of a class of high-grade carpet in recent years, the area is small, the pattern is 500mm by 500mm, this square office carpet tile price is about 55 yuan a square meter. Square carpet laying operation is efficient and convenient, while each piece of accurate specifications, no matter which piece of broken and stained with dirt, can be immediately removed to clean or replace, at any time to restore as before, the use of a long cycle.

How much does office carpet cost

Second, what are the benefits of office carpet

1, the office carpet paving effect is very good, it has a variety of patterns and colors, according to personal preferences, select the right carpet to create a personalized artistic environment.

2, office carpet can muffle sound and reduce noise, it is a class of acoustic materials with muffling and noise reduction, which can reduce the sound refraction through the ground to create a quiet office space.

3, the office carpet has the effect of cold and heat conduction. It is a kind of hard paving material, has good warmth and outstanding heat conduction, can make the office more warm.

4, the office carpet is very safe and non-slip. Walking back and forth on the office carpet is not easy to fall, even if you fall, the soft nature of the carpet will also have a particularly good protection effect.

What are the benefits of office carpet

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