How to choose exhibition carpet?

The plush of the exhibition carpet is made by implanting wool yarn on the base fabric with special tufting needles to form piles, and the piles are cut off to form plush, and the back of the base fabric is coated with resin and rubber (backing rubber) Fix the loops or plush to prevent the fluff from loosening and falling off and pilling. In addition, the dimensional stability of the brushed carpet can be improved. The products are mainly used as paving materials for walkways and indoor floors. The following editor will share with you what aspects of the living room to consider in order to choose a carpet that matches the tone.

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First of all, follow the principle of color first. Through the analysis of the color of the material in the room, choose the appropriate carpet color. Among them is a simple and applicable method: use several main colors in the living room as the color components of the carpet, so that the choice is simple and accurate. After ensuring the unity and harmony of the color, the last thing is to determine the pattern and style. This often determines the style of the entire room, whether it is modern or classical; whether it is local or exotic; whether it is fashionable or classic; of course, you can also create a very personalized living room style.

According to the specific external conditions of the use of the carpet, the following options can be selected:

  1. If there are wheelchairs, baby carriages and other rubber-wheeled vehicles that are frequently active indoors, you should choose carpets woven with synthetic fibers that are not afraid of pressure and are easy to clean.
  2. If the carpet is laid in a room with a large flow of people, a tufted loop pile carpet with high pile quality, high density, and wear resistance should be selected.
  3. For families with young children, carpets woven with synthetic fibers that are corrosion-resistant, pollution-resistant, easy to clean, and darker in color should be selected.

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