How to maintain the exhibition carpet?

Today, the use of exhibition carpets is becoming more and more widespread. The products are not only used in the decoration of hotels and high-end clubs, but also in the current home decoration, which can protect the floor in the furniture and prevent it from being Scratch, and can also give people a comfortable feeling, the most important thing is that the color of the carpet is relatively rich, can match with any home decoration personality, can decorate and embellish the overall home. But if we don’t carry out meticulous maintenance on the carpet in the process of using it, its service life will be greatly shortened.

How to maintain the exhibition carpet
  1. Prevent cigarette butts: Today’s exhibition carpets have flame retardant properties, but not every carpet has this effect. However, regardless of whether it is a flame-retardant type or a general carpet, once a cigarette butt falls on it, at least a small burnt pit will be burned out. Therefore, when laying carpets, a small piece of leftover material should be prepared indoors. When this state occurs, first use scissors to cut off the burnt blanket hair, then use scissors to cut off a small amount of the remaining blanket wool, and then glue it to the trimmed burnt pit. Tidy it up after it dries. Of course, it is best to develop a good habit at ordinary times, and do not smoke in places with carpets.
  2. After all the exhibition carpets have been used for a period of time, please ask a professional cleaning company to use relevant mechanical equipment to clean them. Regular cleaning can make the carpets at home durable and beautiful.
  3. The carpet is stained. If it is a relic, moisten it with milk for a while, and then wipe it with a brush dipped in milk; if it is an animal or plant oil stain, you can use cotton dipped in gasoline with higher purity to wipe it; if it is fruit juice or beer, You should first wipe with a soft cloth dipped in a solution of washing powder, and then wipe with warm water and a little vinegar solution; if you encounter ink stains that are difficult to deal with, you can sprinkle fine salt on the stain, and then mix it with warm water Soap solution brushes off.

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