Notes on the selection of composite jacquard carpet

Composite jacquard carpet as a more common carpet in our daily life, we always have some unsatisfactory place when choosing it, in fact, this is because we do not know much about the choice of carpet, so we will briefly share the knowledge about the choice of carpet here, so that we can help you choose the carpet to your liking.

Notes on the selection of composite jacquard carpet

  1, composite jacquard carpet in the choice of density and elasticity, so as to ensure the degree of comfort.

  2, to pay attention to its material, good material can guarantee the service life.

  3, pay attention to the stain resistance, after all, the carpet is easier to stain the footprints and stains, stain resistance is strong to ensure the maximum degree of clean carpet.

  4, color, the color of the carpet in different places should be different, we have to choose the most suitable color according to the use of location.

  5, brand, a good brand can not only ensure the service life of the carpet, quality is also guaranteed, and later will have a good after-sales service.

  Composite jacquard carpet in the choice, I hope you can pay attention to these, so that you can ensure that the carpet is in line with their own ideas, and will not choose the wrong carpet, these, I hope you can remember clearly.

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