The hotel carpets must match the hotel decoration style

As the weather gets colder, hotels also begin to focus on providing customers with a warm and comfortable accommodation environment, and hotel carpets have begun to receive attention again. For hotels, no matter what your hotel star rating is, what style it is, and what kind of positioning it has, you must pay attention when choosing a carpet. You must unify the style of the carpet with the decoration style of the hotel, so that the carpet is The hotel decor is the icing on the cake.

Hotel Carpets
Carpets for Different Scenes

A relatively large-scale hotel is generally composed of several different areas, such as guest rooms, restaurants, corridors, meeting rooms, etc. Due to the different functions of each area, it also causes the particularity of the personnel in the area. Pay attention to echoing the regional characteristics.

The environment in which the hotel is located also has great constraints on the choice of carpets. Air humidity, temperature, greening, etc. are all considerations. It is rainy in the south, and the water on the guests’ feet will bring a lot of pollution to the carpets of the hotel; the north is drier, but there is more dust. When choosing, pay attention to carpets with good dust absorption performance.

The choice of hotel carpets should also consider the budget of the hotel project, and try to buy the best products with the least cost. The current carpets are also divided into different grades due to different manufacturing techniques and materials, which leaves a lot of room for hotel carpet selection. For example, the guest room carpets that are also 80% wool, because of the different manufacturing techniques, the prices of Axminster, Wilton, and wool tufted carpets vary greatly.

Insist on shopping around. In recent years, the carpet industry has developed rapidly, and the number of carpet manufacturers and product types on the market has increased. Due to different equipment and materials, the types, weights, and colors of products are also different. Before buying carpets, hotels must do more. Look, compare the sample information, choose the best carpet, and provide customers with the best service.

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