What are the functions and application scenarios of carpet?

First, the role of the carpet:

  1. Sound insulation effect
    The density of the carpet itself is small, but it is very breathable, so it can isolate sound wave attacks, has a good sound insulation effect, and is not afraid of leaking corporate secrets.
  2. Improve air quality
    The carpet itself is composed of various hairs, which can absorb dust in the air and improve indoor air quality.
  3. Carpet Safety
    The carpet itself is relatively soft and has a good non-slip effect, which is safer than tiles.
  4. Artistic beautification effect
    The pattern of the tiles is relatively simple, but the carpet has many patterns to choose from. According to the company style, you can choose your favorite carpet decoration to show the characteristics of the company.
  5. Non-toxic
    Carpets are generally more environmentally friendly, will not emit a large amount of formaldehyde like cabinets, and can also resist part of the radiation.

Application scenarios:

Carpet has a wide range of applications. Most places are basically carpeted. In hotels, KTVs, airplanes, hotels, conference rooms, vehicles and other places, carpets are laid to reduce noise and achieve sound insulation effects. Public places are also to avoid slippery fall.

What are the functions and application scenarios of carpet?

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