What is the difference between machine-woven carpet and machine-made carpet?

The difference between machine-made carpets and machine-woven carpets Many people can’t distinguish correctly, including many people who are engaged in the carpet industry. First, explain their relationship. In mathematical language, machine-made carpets should include machine-woven carpets, and machine-woven carpets are an element of machine made carpet.

What is the difference between machine-woven carpet and machine-made carpet

The preferred woven carpet for hotel carpets – Axmin & Wilton

Machine-woven carpets are mainly produced by two types of looms, Axminster and Wilton. Machine-woven carpets are high-end products in machine-made carpets, and the main raw materials are wool and nylon.

As a high-end carpet product, first of all, wool and nylon are better materials for raw materials. Why are Akmin and Wilton the first choice for hotels? The hotel rating must pass B1 fire protection. Wool, as a natural fiber, has a flame-retardant effect , In addition, the flower patterns of Akmin and Wilton on the carpet surface are luxurious and gorgeous, highlighting the style characteristics of star hotels.

The other elements of machine-made carpets include tufted carpets, tiled carpets, etc., which have a large output and a wide range of applications, and are more affordable in price. Like tiled carpets, they are suitable for office spaces and have the characteristics of convenient laying and transportation. In terms of machine-made carpets, there are more types and a wider range of coverage.

What is the difference between machine-woven carpet and machine-made carpet 2

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